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Re: Possible support?


On 01/14/2011 04:44 AM, robert.gosztyla@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello everybody
> I'm using KiCad for some time now (great piece od stuff :) and i thought,
> that i would like to add some support for that as a software developer.
> I'm rather experienced (10 years commercial), C/C++, Windows, wxWidgets
> (as useful in KiCad?). So, if you think, that i could provide you some
> help with some stuff don't hesitate to write.
> BR, Robert 

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your offer.  I like free stuff, including qualified help.


Try fixing the above.

The basic problem is that I have been

   *unable to find a way to measure the size of the tabs width* .

Some alternative solution strategies to consider:

1) Study the implementation of tabbing that is done in wxFormBuilder.  They
re-implemented the entire class because the one in wxWidgets seemed
unsuitable.  Find out if that implementation provides access to accurate on
screen width requirements.  If so, take note of how they are doing it on
each platform.

2) Maybe override the wx tab window class with a derived class that goes
down into the platform for this information in a way similar to how the
wxFormBuilder tab support does it.  This assumes the needed base class
implementation members are not private, instead at least protected status.

3) Use the tab width information and get the layer window to use it in the
resize operation.  This will take some time, and will need to be verified on
all "supported platforms".

If you have questions I will try and give advice along the way.  My time is
limited but for somebody helping me, time has to be found.

Thanks very much,