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Part, Module, Package reorganization.



After following the mailing list for a while, the new library & distribution
system is on going (thanks to Dick and Wayne), it would be good if this
subject is discussed again. In my point of view, what kicad lacks is part
(including module, package)'s consistency such as naming scheme in both part
and package, pin name & number scheme (especially, 2 & 3 pin's part),
category organization and removal of duplicated parts. I think if they are
organized in a more consistant way, it will be easier for other contributors
to share their parts (It seems to me that most of us create & use our own
parts without sharing that much) and make kicad more professional. And if
possible, I'd like to volunteer for this. Because this is the only thing I
can contribute to kicad for now.

What is your opinion?


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