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Kicad Library Concept Ideas


Dick, Wayne & Jean-Pierre,

A week ago Simon Rogers posted on the developers mailing list regarding
some ideas with the Kicad library. A "we" was mentioned in the post,
well, the "we" is made up of Simon and I - we both work together at the
same company and have used Kicad for a while now.

Anyway, onto the ideas. I have attached an overview document to this
post, which outlines our ideas. I think what is important and needs to
be stressed is that as it stands, we do not want to change anything
fundamental in Kicad - instead, our work builds on functionality for the
future. In fact, the idea of the sweet parser is perfect, and we require
this to move our ideas forward. Furthermore, if there comes a time where
it is ready to be merged into the main branch it can be done with
relatively small modifications of the underlying application core, as I
think you will be able to see.

However, we would really like to open up the floor for comments on our
proposals. We have been thinking about it for a while now. We have more
detailed design documentation (in the form of pictures and flows), but
these are not entirely ready for the public domain just yet (have been
moving house this last week, and paid work has been getting in the
way :-/ ).

Please, if you have any questions or comments, let us know and we will
endeavour to explain ourselves better! :)

Kind regards,

Mike Goodfellow

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