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EESchema hit testing improvements.


I've finally got the EESchema drawing object hit testing code to the point
where it can support hit testing for multiple objects.  It should not be
terribly difficult task as this point (famous last words) to implement an
object clarification context menu similar to PCBNew when multiple objects are
at the current cursor position.  I remember this being discussed a long time
ago but I couldn't find anything useful when I searched the mailing list so I
thought I would get some input before I proceeded any further.  Is this
something that users would find useful or annoying?  It certainly would be more
consistent with the behavior of PCBNew.  Those who have used EESchema for a
long time may find the changes disconcerting.  I would like to get a feel for
how users feel about this change so I don't spend time implementing something
no one wants.  It would also be helpful if someone can post this on the Kicad
users mailing list and summarize the discussion.


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