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EESchema hit test changes.


Since no one complained about my EESchema hit testing change proposal, I just
committed the changes in r2920.  It's a larger commit than I like to make but
it was required to get workable solution.  If you find any unexpected hit test
behavior other than the fact that you will now get a clarification context menu
(like PCBNew) when multiple items are found, please let me know.  I've made
some minor improvements to the existing behavior.  You can now drag graphic
lines using the hot key (G) instead of having to do a block drag.

I took Dick's advice and implemented a collector class for gathering schematic
items.  It meant removing a lot of old crufty hit testing code so I may have
created some hit testing problems.  Please let me know if you find any and I
will try to get them resolved as soon as possible.  The new collector object
provides a lot of flexibility to do more interesting hit testing so it should
be a lot easier to make improvements.  One thing I didn't do was sort the
context menu items other than by the order they exist in the schematic and
their type.  Custom sorting can be easily implemented if the current ordering
is not satisfactory.

Going forward there is still some hit testing behavior that I don't completely
understand.  Does anyone know why you cannot move lines (bus, wire, or graphic)
by context menu option or hot key but you can move them by block select?  Is
this an oversight or by design?  At the very least I would like to be able to
move graphic lines this way.


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