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Re: [PATCH] new html-based hotkeys window only


Le 05/09/2011 22:50, fabrizio a écrit :
This patch does the following:

1) the hotkey menu (the "List Current Hotkeys" one) has been replaced
by an html-based menu where text can be easily justified. To do that a
new Frame class was added. I believe this class could be reused for a
future help menu based in html.

2) Few capital letters here and there in various menus were corrected.

4) A simple instruction file "CONTRIBUTE.txt" that explain what to do
if you want to contribute was added.

To achieve point 1 I had to add a new Frame class implementation and
its declaration. I wasn't really sure about where to place it so I
just placed it on top of file  "common/confirm.cpp". Sorry if it is
not the right location but I do not know the source very well.

This is a good location.

PS hotkeys functionality is unchanged

I committed this patch, with 2 minor changes:
- Use already existing HTML display dialog HTML_MESSAGE_BOX instead of the new myFrame ( avoid duplicate code )


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS