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Re: [PATCH] new menu accelerators in the Place menu


Le 06/09/2011 11:51, fabrizio a écrit :
in attachment you can find the simplest patch I can think of to:
1) add the Alt- to all "Place" menu accelerators
2) leave current hotkeys behaviour unchanged

is this whole idea good?

ctrl-alt-L needs to be changed (in the hotkey default set up I think)
because it makes my system log off ! can we changed it? what do you
guys propose? any other hotkey cause conflicts?
K or O should work.

I am not sure it will work in windoz/OSX.

Please let me have some feedback

PS Jean-Pierre, I have noticed that you added a close button at the
bottom of the new hotkeys window, this is very cool but as consequence
it does not allow the window to stay open while people use kicad.
Maybe novices, who do not really know yet the hotkeys, wish they could
keep both windows open (as I originally made it), what do you think?
Can we keep the button but allow both window to stay open?

In fact this is an existing dialog (already used to show missing libs when loading eeschema or cvpcb )
that is used to show the hot key list.
The button is needed to close this dialog by the ESC key, under wxGTK
( this is one of features needed by our UI policy guideline:
 see Documentation/guidelines/UIpolicies.txt)

Due to the fact it is derived from a wxDialog, it is modal,
and cannot be left open when you want to work on the schematic window.

I do not think this is an issue because:
- This is a large window, and ( unless you have 2 monitors )
work on a schematic when the dialog window is left open is not easy.
- Hot keys are displayed in all menus, so novices have hotkeys info each time they open a menu.
 (This is surely the best way to know hot keys )

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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