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Re: new bitmaps


Le 07/09/2011 06:14, Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :
This is what I've been up against lately:


This video is of our ranch and the one next to it.

At the moment this video was taken, we were riding down into the river bed,
my son Darren and I, doubled up on a four wheeler, running from a 100 ft.
flame which was only about 250 yards away, travelling in our direction
towards the house at about 15 MPH, propelled by a 30 MPH wind.

We could not get off the property through normal means, which would have
meant charing into the fire.  Then God spared the house and office.  Its a
miracle.  It came to an abrupt stop at the tennis court wannabe, and the
office parking lot.

I had some concern last days about you, because I did not received any mail from you.
I know the reason, now.

You, your family, and your house are safe, and this is the best news I received.

(Unfortunately, this wildfire destroyed a lot of houses and many guys were less lucky)

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS