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Re: Cannot build r3108 with wxWidgets 2.9.


There is a build bug in the testing branch r3108 that prevents PCBNew from
building when using wxWidgets 2.9.  The culprit was found in file
pcbnew/pcbnew_config.cpp.  The include<wx-2.8/xml/xml.h>  is the problem.  For
starters you should _never_ use the wxWidgets version in the include path.
There is difference in wxXmlNode between wxWidgets 2.8 and 2.9 that generates
deprication warnings.  This problem has already been solved by using the XNODE
class found in xnode.h.  Also the committed code had a bunch of coding style
policy issues.  I have fixed the code in my development branch and will commit
it shortly as soon as I validate that it builds correctly on wxWidgets 2.8.
Please verify that you macro file reading and writing work correctly after I
commit the fix.


Thanks, Wayne
bzr3110 build with wx2.8. without warnings.
Patch is made out by my colleague Roman Bashkov and I missed a direct reference to wx2.8.