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Re: [PATCH] 30 icons updated + new ico files generated


On 09/14/2011 01:54 PM, jean-pierre charras wrote:
> Le 14/09/2011 20:24, Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :
>> On 09/14/2011 06:19 AM, fabrizio wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> In this patch the following updates were made:
>>> - 30 icons/buttons were redrawn in accordance to various suggestions
>>> - updated all .ico images so that they now contain high resolution
>>> images (good for OS X)
>>> - a script to generate .ico file was added
>>> - some redundant buttons (like zoomoins3d.svg ) were deleted
>>> Regards
>>> Fabrizio
>>> PS sorry for the big patch but I do not understand how to not include
>>> the rebuilt .cpp icons. the touch suggestion did not seem to work.
>> I wonder what the delta is on the *.cpp files, even if they were re-written?
>> If the PNG file is generated exactly the same on two runs, I would think that
>> "bzr diff" should not see this as a change in the *.cpp files.
>> So we are perhaps still bringing some extraneous gunk into the PNG file, like a
>> date stamp or something?
>> Dick
> Previous .cpp files were rebuilt by me (because fabrizio sent me only .svg files).
> To avoid a lot of .cpp changes, I rebuilt .cpp files before commit the last patch from fabrizio.
> Seems a lot of changes were removed.
> I had a look to the patch file:
> Perhaps there are some changes due Inkscape or pngcrush version differences.
> In fact I am pretty sure differences are mainly due to End Of Line characters (LF versus CRLF)

The most recent "bzr update" has at last some of the cpp_26/*.cpp files with
CRLF in them.

Also, no way yet to put this into the repo:

Maybe we should simply shoot for LF in bitmap *.cpp's by tricking out the cmake
conversion script, PNG2CPP.cmake.

Some special definition of \n might do it on all platforms, maybe define it in
hex or something.


> Usually I do not have this problem when editing Kicad sources,
> because I am using the same editor under Window and Linux:
> Scite, a multi-platform FOSS very good editor) that handle very well EOL format.
> It uses LF when opening a text file using LF and automatically uses CRLF if the text uses this format,
> and it can easily convert the existing EOL format to LF, CRLF or CR format.

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