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Re: Kicad new look - almost there


Thank you for your fine work and great patience for working out the finest details. The look is just perfect. There are two places where I'd like to do some hair splitting though... ;)

The zone fill icon has different angles for zone fill edges and the track. Depending on rounding and filtering when rasterizing the track looks like widening to the edge or the fill edges look non parallel. That would be nice to get fixed. For minimizing of aliasing and rounding effects a good practice is to prefer integer pixel ratios for angled detail. Like 1px vertical and 2px horizontal which gets you about 28 degree angle.

Drill symbol _might_ be better with just a drill bit and maybe some chips, the machine is a bit too graphical for my taste and also not too often used for PCB work. That's an opinion, so make your judgment :)

No need to thank me, but I'm thanking you again.