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Re: Trigonometric look up table.


Dnia 2011-09-19, pon o godzinie 11:15 -0400, Wayne Stambaugh pisze:
> Is there any logical reason to keep using the trigonometric look up tables in
> trigo.cpp?  We currently have a mixed bag of using the look up tables and the
> math sin() and cos() functions in various code paths.  If no one objects, I
> think it's time to remove them from Kicad.
> Wayne
I'm not familiar with a KiCAD source, but I think the lookup tables
should stay. Why? In some cases a lookup will be faster than math
functions. I don't know, but while redrawing - an arc for example -
these tables speed-up a lot the screen refreshing.

Kerusey Karyu

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