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Kicad future documentation - your opinion


Now that the new 26pth kicad icons are basically finished (I'll maybe
send reviews of some of them if necessary) I'd like to bring up the
topic of documentation.

As far as I understand Kicad has some manuals written in OpenOffice
and a one step by step tutorial. On top of that there are the
translations of them, all done in OpenOffice.

Before the new face-lifted kicad gets released, these manuals need to
be updated and maybe reviewed. this might suggest that we could choose
a different documentation format for kicad (web-based, online
wiki-based, html documentation accessible via the kicad menu,
restructured text, etc.).

What are the options out there? What do you think we should do about
it? Who would be interested in working on it?

Just as term of comparison, here:
you can find the only (on-line) documentation available of probably
one of the best open-source graphical tool.

in case of inkscape, documentation is online and tutorials are in the
inkscape native format.


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