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Re: Advanced rendering techniques for KiCad


Not to ruin your work/enthusiasm but... who cares? :D

> At least Dick, Wayne & Jerry seem to care :)
> But I think there is a demand for hardware acceleration / high quality
> rendering - this was often posted on the list.
>  Also think about all these people with open source drivers and/or low
>> end graphics :D heck, on my work machine I don't even HAVE opengl
>> acceleration:P
> My goal is to create something that offers superiour quality/speed to any
> known tool. Sure that means it doesn't work on >10 years computers, but even
> then we can develop a fallback method.
> I've choosen a modular architecture, this means of course other APIs than
> OpenGL are possible. Currently I've written the interface for OpenGL and
> Cairo. For another APIs someone has just to implement the interface. If you
> like to contribute, you're welcome.
> Thanks,
> Torsten


Your work is appreciated, and so is your response to Lorenzo.