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Re: KiCad-ngspice integration for circuit simulation


On 10/31/2011 06:40 AM, abhishek pawar wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are planning to integrate capabilities of KiCad GUI with ngspice(FOSS tool for
> circuit simulation).
> KiCad provides SPICE netlist using *Netlist generation* tab, but it does not give
> netlist compatible with ngspice.
> Is anyone working on similar development?
> Thanks
> Abhishek.

I cannot remember if anyone is working on this.

Please start by seeing if you can do a simple XSLT or XML transformation on the generic
netlist export.  This will allow you to work external to KiCad using a language of your
choice.  There are examples both for

a) xslt and

  (see <src_tree>/eeschema/plugins/*.xsl)

b) python

  (see <src_tree/scripts/bom-in-python)

that process the "generic netlist" format (which is XML) exported by EESCHEMA.

To use any of the *.xsl file, you have to have opensource "xsltproc" installed.