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Re: Testing r3239 debug build errors.


В сообщении от Четверг 17 ноября 2011 23:10:19 автор Wayne Stambaugh написал:
> Vladimir,
> Your last commit fails on debug build in file class_pad.cpp.  I'm building
> this on Windows XP, MinGW, and wxWidgets 2.9.2.  Did you change the type
> of the m_Pos member of D_PAD?  If so, this error probably exists in Show()
> method of all the other pcb objects as well.  If you cannot get to this
> soon, please revert your changes.  I do almost all of my development with
> debug builds so it is important to me that debug builds are not broken.


Oh, I missed turning Debug on and debug code was not checked in my builds.
I fixed it in 3241 revision. Tested on gcc 4.3.3 and it builds correclty.

Yes, I've changed the type of m_Pos and all other members holding length/coord 
values in D_PAD.


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