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Re: [PATCH] Eeschema english manual final version - done !


Le 24/11/2011 16:45, Fabrizio Tappero a écrit :

G'day, in attachment you can find the whole Eeschema manual and its pdf where:

- chapter 11~14 were reviewed (English was improved too) and restyled.
- whole master document was restyled and adjusted in all possible ways.
- several chapter (1,3,4,etc) where restyled to make sure that all
tables of contents were coherent.

Finally, I did menage to make the master document with correct page
numbering and correct global table of contents (as well as correct

I would suggest to just copy all there files in the current Kicad doc
repo. I have changed/updated so many things of all 15 files that I
lost track of what is new and what is old.

I believe now we have the whole 6 English manuals quite well updated
and restyled. I'll try to review things here and there but more or
less I think the documentation of KiCad is done.


Thanks, Fabrizio.
You made an outstanding work with all your contributions to KiCad.
Again Thanks.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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