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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements?before committing.



On Fri, 25 Nov 2011, Vladimir Uryvaev wrote:
> At Friday 25 of November 2011 02:38:47 from Brian F. G. Bidulock:
> > The problem without this approach is that the code external to the object
> > keeps putting objects on and taking them off and sorting them on all these
> > auxilliary lists external to the objects.  These work for boards with a
> > small number of features.  My board with the 7000 features takes two
> > minutes to load on a very very fast machine.  Also, editing starts
> > crawling slower and slower (several second freezes) with the addition of
> > every new copper feature. The existing lists simply compare one object to
> > too many other objects that are nowhere near it.  All of these lists are
> > part of the legacy.
> We have taken a thought, and so there a blueprint to write, as we now have an 
> idea on efficient container for spacial data.

There is a wishlists, blueprints, design and implementation notes document
that I posted over a year ago which is far more detailed than any launchpad
blueprint I have seen as part of this project.  You can still get a copy of
it here: http://www.openss7.org/docs/NOTES.pdf

> > 
> > But if your just talking factoring setX() and setY() into move() off the
> > bat without stepping through setX() and setY(), then all I would say is
> > that the code base stability aforded by those intermediate steps might be
> > worth the extra effort.
> Is there an advantage? How the stability could aford with this step?

Because where inlined in the header file, they should generate identical
code.  Otherwise you cannot tell what was broken.  BTW, I have done this
once already, so I speak from experience and am not predicting a result.


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