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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.


On 11/26/2011 04:24 PM, Brian F. G. Bidulock wrote:
> Dick,
> On Sat, 26 Nov 2011, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> I don't have the time for this, nor the inclination to assume this liability. 
>> What can be done however is that after we have a file format that can handle the increased
>> resolution, perhaps you can carve out some code that folks can use to doctor their boards
>> if they have this metric problem.   This would be a board fix up tool.
>> I also think there will be sites in my new loader and saver code where someone could
>> install such algorithms.  The plugin scheme means it is possible to save and load a board
>> in most any suitable format, Eagle, Altium, geda, whatever.
>> I will not be doing the "metric adjustments", at least not for free.
>> My "boards produced per lines of code contributed" ratio is the worst of anyone within
>> earshot of this project, and so now my sanity is now in full doubt.  That doubt is among
>> others, not me.  I know I am nuts.  So please be cognizant that this old horse has limits
>> on what it can give for free.
> I don't have a problem with that:-- provided that you step aside
> when it comes time for someone else to do it.

This is offensive.

Your patch, if it ever come to be, should go through the normal review process, just like
other patches, including all the other ones that you have submitted.

In fact, send it to Wayne, that way I am sure not to be "in your most important way", as
you submit your 20 lines of code.

Oops, I forgot that you have never submitted a patch.  Well in that case, here is some
information on how to do that:


> It took a whole 10 or 20 lines of code the last time I did it.  The dialog
> check box was more, but the dialog already existed.

Should make it an easy patch for Wayne to review.

> --brian