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Eeschema replace impasse.


I am pretty close to completing the Eeschema replace code but I ran into an
issue with the undo/redo behavior that I know will confuse users.  The problem
lies in that the screen associated with each sheet keeps it's own undo/redo
list.  This means that you must open the sheet that you want to perform the
undo/redo for that sheet.  My issue is that I designed the find and replace
code to allow for descending the entire schematic hierarchy when performing
find and replace.  I know this will cause confusion because users will expect
to be able to undo all of the replace actions from the current sheet which what
I would expect to happen.  Changing the undo/redo feature to support the whole
schematic hierarchy will be a non-trivial task and possibly result in user
backlash do to the change in bahavior.  So I am left with the following options
on the replace feature:

1) Leave it as is and live with the user complaints about having to open each
sheet to undo the replace changes.

2) Shelve it until the undo/redo feature can be changed and live with the user
confusion caused by the change in the undo/redo behavior.

3) Leave the undo/redo behavior as is and limit the replace feature to the
current sheet and live with the complaints as why the user cannot replace the
entire hierarchy when you can search the entire hierarchy.

I'm leaning toward option 2 but that may push the replace feature out quite
ways.  The replace feature is pretty useful as it is right now so some folks
may be willing to live with the undo/redo issue.  Anyone else have any thoughts
on this?  Thanks in advance.


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