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Re: Alt+Mousewheel to change working copper layer


On 12/15/2011 11:42 AM, Guillaume Simard wrote:
> Hello,
> I have created a nifty little patch to be able to change the working
> copper layout while routing, *without* creating a via at the same
> time. From what I see, there exists commands that can be bound to
> hotkeys to switch layers, but these commands will create a via under
> the mouse cursor as you change layers, and they will not work if you
> use them over an already placed via (ie.: you didn't select the right
> layer on the first try). The result of this is that you have to press
> backspace if you didn't select the right layer right away (to delete
> the via). This might not sound like a big deal and is just personal
> taste, but perhaps adding an alternative that doesn't get it the way
> could be possible.
> Basically, the workflow could be as follows:
> - you start routing (X)
> - give a few clicks
> - place a via (V)
> - you switch layers AFTER the via is placed, using ALT+Mousewheel.
> - place a via (V)
> - you switch layers AFTER the via is placed, using ALT+Mousewheel.
> - terminate the trace on a pad or otherwise
> I stress that this workflow is parallel to the already existing one
> and does not try to replace/remove it, it simply would be an
> alternative (as Alt suggests).
> I'm attaching the (nifty) patch to this email, just as a proof of
> concept. Beware that if you apply it for testing *it will force
> recompilation of every file* that uses id.h, which is mostly every
> file out there.
> A better way of implementing this feature would be to make
> ALT+Mousewheel Up/Down available as a hotkey instead (any problem with
> that ?), and defining functions NextCopperNoVia and
> PreviousCopperNoVia, or something like that, so that the user has the
> freedom required to bind or not this behaviour to the mousewheel or
> elsewhere.
> What do you think ?


It's a clever solution that can save a few keystrokes here and there.  If no
one objects, I'm willing to commit it.


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