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Re: kicad logo - anybody interested in helping?


KiCad is not that well known yet, so I would suggest using the word along with any
graphic, and in doing so, it would be nice if we can stick with the CamelCase we agreed to
a few months back:


One could argue that for branding or marketing, the word is more valuable than the
graphic.  However it does not need to dominate the combination in size or presentation.

It seems unlikely they will be able to do any gradient fills with thread, you may want to
ask about that. 
If not, then maybe not use gradient in your communications with them, so that the result
is not a surprise.

Start by asking who is the audience?  a) purchasers,  b) the guy next to you at a baseball

For me, a simple diode or transistor would tell the story to b)

But if you want it to sell to a) then perhaps more is needed.


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