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Sheet pins size


Tracked down what it, for me, a nuisance: the sheet pin size default :D

This needs IMHO discussion before patching because it's an usability
issue. Most probably it's simply an historical behaviour.

In sheetlab.cpp we have m_lastSheetPinTextSize. In the user preferences
we have the 'default text size' (didn't search the corresponding

Now, these are *completely* unrelated (IIRC the default text size is
only for text comments or labels?). m_lastSheetPinTextSize is staticly
initialized to a compiled in default (DEFAULT_TEXT_SIZE in
base_struct.h), and every sheet pin created defaults to it.

>From the name it seems to keep a 'running' default... the only problem
is that it's set *only* when one creates a pin manually (not when
editing them, like pads in pcbnew!). So if someone, like me, only uses
the autoimport feature there is *no way* to change the default (and it's
not cool to have to edit 50+ pins to fix the size).


- Junk the m_lastSheetPinTextSize and default to the default size from
  the preferences (one global less, yeah!). Also clearer for the user
  since (s)he put it in the preferences (using different label sizes is
  insane, IMHO). BTW I use 60mils for references, values and sheet
  names, 50mils for pins and label and 30mils for auxiliary fields
  (packages, order codes and so on).

- Update the m_lastSheetPinTextSize after editing so at least the user
  can keep the default after 'correcting' the first.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl