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Re: first mail, introducing command line options for eeschema and pcbnew


21.01.2012, 14:10, "Hoteev Sergey" <hsd8@xxxxxxxxx>:

>  I apologize for not responding sooner but I been extremely busy.  I
>  discussed your patches with the other lead developers and we decided it
>  would be better to hold off until we separate the underlying object code
>  from the UI code and implement it as a DLL/SO.  This way you could
>  simply write a simple 20 line console application to do the printing or
>  anything else you would like to do.  If we merge your patches they would
>  just end up getting removed when this transition occurred.  I hope you
>  understand the decision to take this route was to simplify the KiCad
>  code base not any comment on your efforts.  Thank you for making your
>  patches public as there may be other folks who would like to include
>  them in there own source trees.  I hope you will continue to maintain
>  them until the transition is made and then convert them over the new
>  design where I'm sure they will be accepted into KiCad.
>  Best Regards,
>  Wayne

Hi everybody!
I follow the patch by Qi-Hardware since jan 2011.
Dear KiCAD developers, do you see that this not a feature, this is FEATURE!!!111

This path, setup by default, lets many people try distributed development and offer more opportunities to branch projects, testing, and it is better that current project manager.

Here our article about it:  http://src.lgg.ru/2011/12/kicad-schhist-view/
Launchpad blueprint : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kicad/+spec/add-qi-hardware-patches

Please include it now, because after it, codebase will be changed.

Or you need over 9000 signature, like our russian administration? :)

Hoteev Sergey aka Valber

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