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Re: Incomplete undo/redo: some operations not found (?!?!)


On 01/24/2012 01:53 AM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
> What does it means???
> I redid a track, undoed it and it eat half a track!
> Bad pcbnew, bad! Give me back the old track:P

$ bzr up -r <revision>

$ cd build

$ make pcbnew

$ pcbnew/pcbnew

$ cd ..

I've used the above steps nested within a looping binary search algorithm which drives
<revision> through some jumps and leaps, to track down the <revision> of a specific
introduction of a bug.

That then tends to:

a) highlight the specific changes that were introduced at that revision, and it

b) tends to make someone feel guilty and step up and fix it.

However, I suspect in this case it is unnecessary, someone will probably step up without
this detail.

But if there were any special circumstances (user steps) required to produce the bug, that
will be helpful to the person working on it.