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Farnell ripping KiCad off


Hello guys

please take a look at the attached, I was just going to check out to see if there was a newer version of KiCad to download and put Kicad into google. Look at the attached, the first result is an ad from Farnell that has uk.farnell.com/kicad on it. clicking on it takes you to a page on farnell selling eagle. If you actually put uk.farnell.com/kicad into your browser it just takes you to a search error page on farnell suggesting you were looking for "nicad" and alternative results for batteries and charges. Is this not a very sleazy way of farnell trying to get people to buy eagle when they actually wanted to download kicad for free ?

I will be contacting farnell later to tell them of my disgust and will be making it known on the eevblog forum (that I am a moderator of).


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