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Printing and Ledger paper type.


Well, we can assume the landscape printing is fixed.  Another big disadvantage
for wxGnomePrint users is a 72 dpi limitation. As I can see, initial workaround
for this issue is done in wx 2.9.3. It should be mentioned, that this is a wxGnomePrint
issue. And I think, this work must have been done years ago. Just from the beginning
of wxGnomePrint implementation, because the solution is absolutely evident.
I am not going to wait for wx 3.0 release, especially with the gtk3 desire in mind. I think,
the next summer is unreal :(. Also wxgtkprint in 2.9.3 is completely upsets me :[.
The situation may will be the same as with libgnomeprint. The wxGnomePrint will
stay uncompleted and wxgtkprint will be useless :[[.
So, I am going to investigate wxGnomePrint 72 dpi issue.


29 февраля 2012, 22:35 от Andrey A <andrf@xxxxxxx>:
> 29 февраля 2012, 20:42 от Alexander Zakamaldin <zaka62@xxxxxxx>:
> > Done.
> > 
> Hi, Alexander!
> Very good work.
> distr - mageia x86_64
> Direct printing from kicad - OK!