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Library License


Dear All,

I have a question for KiCad default library.

Now, it's released under GPLv2.

If I make a '.sch', '.brd' or any gerber data using it, my data will
become GPLed?

When I checked some files that I made using default library,
'.sch' file does not contain any datas from default library
but '.brd' file seems to contain those..
In this case, as far as I know, '.brd' file is definitely GPLed and
also '.mod' files that were
used to make '.brd' file become GPLed. If this '.brd' file is made
with '.sch' file,
it's also become GPLed, of course '.lib' files used in 'sch' file become GPLed.
I don't know whether the gerber data become GPLed or not.

I want to know how to make gerber datas which were not released under GPL.


 *@author Kenta Yonekura
 *@mail millstir@xxxxxxxxx
 *@see http://blog.livedoor.jp/k_yon/

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