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Re: Reporting of Translation Errors


Le 17/04/2012 18:37, arius a écrit :
Hi everbody!

Is it ok to use the bug tracker for reporting translation errors and if yes from where does a reporter know to whom the
translation issue should be assigned to?
Some translators may use a different account name at Launchpad which differs from what can be found on the About dialog as
information about the translator.
Wouldn't it be helpful to have for translation issues some sort of Translation/Translator group to which reported translation
errors could be assigned to, so that no specific name of a person or account name must be known? Each translator that is
interested in reported translation problems could then join this group to get informed by a notification.


Translation errors are not really a bug.
And developers are usually unable to test and modify translations.
Perhaps reporting translations errors and issues could be done on the Kicad User mailing list.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS