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Re: Plotting/fabricating in nanometers


Le 27/04/2012 12:50, Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
OK, I've done the deed, I think. I only tested it lightly but it wasn't
too invasive, anyway.

It fixes nanometer handling for:
- Plotting (postscript, HPGL, gerber and DXF). SVG is not handled by the
   plot routines, IIRC is handled as a print routine by wx;

- Excellon and related plotting/reporting

- Module position (pick&  place) but *not* the module report (since it's
   pcbnew proprietary, anyway...)

- GENCAD (a one liner:D)

Also I removed the U_PCB constant (the 10 ratio between eeschema and

I'm really not happy about the handling of the portrait mode in
postscript... why it was handled with a special case instead of just let
the printer do the turning? Didn't touch it, but I feel its not elegant.

Also at the moment the plotter interface works in this way: *everything*
from the caller is in IU, but the internals still works in decimils. The
optimum would be the whole plotter working in nanos and just emit the
scaled values, but since it's in common it would have complicated too
much the work. And, anyway, the gerbers we generate now are limited to

Thanks for your patch.
Postscript and Gerber work fine.
I did not tested other formats.
There is an issue with DXF:
tracks are lines and some shapes look ugly.
Are you volunteer to fix it?

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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