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Re: Searchable PDF and native PS fonts


On Wed, May 02, 2012 at 12:17:55PM +0000, Solonen Vesa wrote:
> I'm definitely interested in native font as it's usually more readable because of hinting and antialiasing optimisation. I'd very much like to see similar native font approach in Eeschema and Pcbnew. I know the gerber limitation, but I mostly care about editor functionality like net names and pad numbers, all on-screen stuff.

As I said the metrics on Helvetica didn't change in the last 30 years or
so (and I doubt they'll ever change) so a careful tuning of the
horizontal scaling would give a very reasonable result (interletter
spacing could be adjusted too, to better match kicad font). Since I use
a different font probably there are different mismatches. Anyway, for
both PS and PDF, the support is already there (just call one routine
instead of the other with the right rendermode).

> Selection of "hidden" reveals secrets at least on Evince ;)

Well, probably because rendermode 3 isn't exactly used all the times
(anyway it works and it's fully specified...). xpdf doesn't show
a thing, instead. Adobe Reader doesn't show a thing but selection is
highlighted (there is an horizontal caret, too!).

By the way, I looked into the 'document assembly' permission... Acrobat
is an idiot, in the PDF release I'm using (1.4) that capability doesn't
ever exists! Probably if I declared a newer version they would be
'magically' enabled... I have the standard till the ISO version (1.7);
it's more than 700 pages, I refuse to study a bigger one :D

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl