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Re: TRACK m_Shape values


Le 10/05/2012 14:22, Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
I found a curious thing... the m_Shape member in TRACK hold the shape
(of the via, for example); for TRACK themselves and SEGZONE there is no
significance (the constructor sets it to S_SEGMENT). I'd move the
m_Shape member to the SEGVIA class, since it's significant only there...

Alas, in the Draw method there is a check for the S_CIRCLE track shape!
How is that possible???

In fact, m_Shape was provided for tracks to handle track arcs and track segments. However, due to the complexity of arcs in DRC calculations (and also in track creation), arcs are not yet used.
Perhaps, one day...

SEGZONE is now obsolete, and exists only to read some old boards.
It was like a track segment and used to fill zones.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS
KiCad Developers team.
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