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Re: Project templates (related to the modal dialog thread)


On 15 May 2012 09:33, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo <miguelangel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Brian & Edwin,
>     I like Brian's proposal as it's right now, because it's quite simple to
> start and make, and I also feel
> that the scripting part isn't mature yet (remember the UI problems we have
> right now).
>     I think that the "pack of files" approach would be perfect for the
> moment, in fact, it might be a simple change
> into the "kicad" executable, to find the list of available "Templates" , and
> offer them to the use when creating a new
> project, like <<blank>>, <<template 1>>, <<template2>>, <<template 3>>
>    Brian, as it's said in this lands, we're not scarce with ideas but of
> manpower... would you be willing to
> work on this? :)

Hi Miguel,

Yes, sorry I tend to implicitly imply the offer of work. I am usually
quiet as I'm scarce of time (as we all are!) and I only like to get
involved with something I can complete the work for.

It's what I meant by "I'd like to add this to the project..."

As I'm about to add in the preference for bus width, I could look at
adding this in after.

Best Regards,


> Edwin: when script part is more mature we could be adding the "scripted
> project wizards" which seem like a good idea,
> like addind user parameters to the idea above.
>    * Arduino card wizard..
>    * COM Express card wizard...
>    * QSeven card wizard...
>    * PCI express card wizard...
>    * compact express card wizard...
>    hmmm :)

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