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[PATCH] Add Bus Width option to EEschema


Hi Guys,

Please find a patch to add a bus width option to eeschema attached.

I tidied a bit of code up and removed a dead extern declaration, and
added the new eeschema dialog option for the bus width. I removed all
traces of the old BUS_WIDTH_EXPAND. This impacts the GOST build
option. I think I have honored the GOST build by disabling the bus
width option and pre-defining it instead as this appears to be part of
the GOST requirements. Can someone involved with the GOST build
confirm that what I've done is correct? You should see no change to
your schematics (so long as your line width is 6mil as per the default

I had to use a specific version of wxFormBuilder as the latest nightly
complained, but the one from March was silent - so I used it! I
limited the minimum values of the line and bus widths to 1 instead of
0. I removed the 3mil minimum within the ::GetPenSize functions to
rely on the limits of the configuration dialog instead.

Best Regards, Brian.

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