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patch: fix some string conversion compile problems


compiling current testing head resulted in some compile errors on my
machine (Linux, gcc-4.6, wx-2.8). In one place an errno.h include was
missing, the others where mismatch between const char* and wxchar
(which is wchar_t) and ambiguity in using the +operator on wxchar.

Patch attached; please check with your wxstring experience first before apply.

Which brings me to a (newbie-to-project) question: I am new to
wxWidgets and for me the mix between UTF-8 strings and wide strings
(UTF-16?) seems to be a mess. Personally, I'd do everything in UTF-8
(which is kindof the industry standard for at least 10 years), but it
seems that wxWidgets needs to be compatible with Windows compatibility
legacy that predates UTF-8. So my question: how is this usually
handled in this project: keep things as much as possible as wxString
and deal with the inconvenience ? Is this still necessary for Windows
compatibility ?


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