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Re: Fwd: Membership request


I had been granted a write permission to Kicad SVN repository since 2008. At the same time I was involved to pcad2kicad project and added polygons support. pcad2kicad is mostly written in Delphi. It was agreed to rewrite pcad2kicad in C++ in order to integrate it into Kicad and provide the opportunity for more people to be involved in the developing process.
Unfortunately, since that time both the former of pcad2kicad and I had had no spare time to continue the development. But now I have just started to develop a new device and I want to use Kicad for that. So I need to convert some libraries into Kicad and decided to resume my plans with pcad2kicad converter. That is why I created the pcad2kicad branch that you noticed some days ago.

P.S. Several weeks ago I tried to find Kicad project in old locations, firstly on the sourceforge.net Wiki. But there are some issues. As I understood, Kicad developing group was removed from Yahoo and I do not know why. I think I missed much. And now I see that Kicad is on Launchpad and Bazaar repo is used where I have not got the write permission. So there are many surprises to me. 

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I've been thinking about to ask for the same thing for a long time already , but didn't feel ready yet ;-)

Alexander, didn't see your p-cad plugin branch, how is it going, it's a good thing :-)

2012/6/10 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>Hi. Would you add me to the team?
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