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Re: Rationale for rounding BIUs


Le 24/06/2012 11:03, Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
It seems that the 'official' way of rounding BIUs is something like:

fval < 0 ? fval - 0.5 : fval + 0.5

i.e. 'away from zero', since the double-to-int C is a truncation (i.e. 'toward to zero'')...
what is the rationale for this? is this to preserve, for example, the usual symmetry of packages?

I am afraid I do not really understand your question.
In float to integer conversions, rounding creates a smaller error than truncating.
And truncating fval < 0 ? fval - 0.5 : fval + 0.5 is the right way to round a value that must be converted to integer BIU.

By the way, your recent issue when reading your board file in kicad nanometer version is a truncating issue,
when scaling float values read in files to integer internal units.
When using rounding conversion instead of truncating, it happens no more.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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