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Re: Script access to pcb plot


On 8/21/2012 12:30 PM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 11:17:28AM -0500, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
Pydocs or Doxygen or _________.

This is what keeps us from getting lots of questions, or asking them.

Although the infrastructure that Miguel is thinking about would apply here too.

He wants those docs on the website, and I agree with him.

Just decide the format at least:P 99% is explained in the demo script
but there are 'interactions' which will behave strangely (mostly those
disallowed from the plot dialog).

Doxygen supports Python so there may be some merit in using the current Doxygen infrastructure already built into KiCad. You can do a lot of interesting things with groups, sections, custom style sheets, etc. with Doxygen. I'm not sure if Pydocs has the same level of formatting sophistication as Doxygen. I would guess most KiCad developers would be more comfortable with Doxygen. That being said, I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. What ever direction we chose, it should be as simple to generate the scripting documentation as it is to generate the current source documentation. In other words it should be fully supported by CMake when creating the build environment.


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