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Pcbnew postscript output scaling


I'm wondering what's the functionality of 'Force A4 output' in the plot dialog? What it currently (3746) does is scaling by a factor of 1.415... the last digit may be 4 as well. The measurement is done using Inkscape as a ruler on the plots. The factor is suspiciously close to the aspect ratio of A paper size system, so I suspect a bug.

Could someone confirm?

Also some other scaling anomalies, like 5% under size print out from a PDF conversion (ps2pdf) is something to check. That turned out to be the case when PDF was produced on Linux and printed on Windows. Using some Adobe tool on Mac OS X resulted in a correct size.

I remember Lorenzo working on a native PDF output for schematics, but what's the case for layouts? Is there something that keeps it from being merged in or is it just not yet in the plot dialog?


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