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[PATCH] Project Templates


Hi Guys,

Sorry this patch has taken so long for me to get ready. I suspect
it'll need a bit more work, but I think it's certainly ready for a bit
of testing and feedback. It appears to work okay.

I have not included any templates in the source tree yet. I suggest we
only do that when the default unit for PCBNEW is nanometers and we can
use the new file format in the templates.

The attached patch should apply cleanly against the latest head.

I suggest some testing because some of the GUI stuff had me scratching
my head for a good long while, and there are a few hard-coded pixel
values in the GUI code! They just look wrong, but I've spent too long
on my own trying to figure it out. So any guidance or pointers are
welcome there!

Here ( http://www.valvers.com/design-files/share.zip ) is a quick zip
file of some test skeleton templates. Just unzip in the directory
above your executable directory. You should see the fake templates
available. To test the dialog with many templates, just copy the
examples and rename several times over.

I intend to do a BeagleBone Cape template and a Raspberry-Pi add-on
template too as part of this patch. They have yet to be completed.
I've yet to use the nanometer build! Time just hasn't been on my side

If I've left anything out or anyone has suggestions for improvement,
please let me know.

Best Regards,


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