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Re: Winbuilder Nanometer support


On 10/11/2012 03:14 PM, Adam Wolf wrote:
> My thought is to create an additional PPA called
> kicad-daily-testing-with-scripting or something, which will be exactly
> the same as kicad-daily-testing, only with the scripting stuff turned
> on.  Anyone on the current kicad-daily-testing PPA will have to switch
> PPAs to get the scripting-enabled packages, and I can include a
> warning on the PPA web page saying that that scripting can be crashy
> right now.
> Honestly, I use my own PPA, and not having a scripting PPA is what's
> holding me back from playing with the scripting stuff!  If this is
> something you folks think is a good idea, I'll publicize it after I
> take the few minutes to set it up and test a build.
> Adam Wolf
> Wayne and Layne

If the packages are named differently, then presumably they can both be installed, but
only if they can co-exist.

Maybe some thought should be given to tinkering with the directories such that they can
both be installed at the same time?

What about making library directories common....

Some thought is needed, and mine is done for the day.

In general though, this is an exciting proposition, and I thank you for your work Adam.