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Suggesting a solution for the ever last icon size ugliness in Kicad for Linux


Hello Guys,
I'd like to point out a problem with icon visualisation in Linux.
Please refer to the attached image "kicad_icon_problem.png". The
problem appears in both Alt-Tab switch window as well as in the Linux
navigation bar. In my case you can see the Ubuntu Unity bar.

the problem is due to the fact that we are using 26 px icon images for
a navigation bar that would comfortably use 128 px images. So:

I have modified the script file:

and run it to generate 128 px icons in ".ico" format. I attach here
the new folder:

Could somebody please replace the old icons folder with the one in
attachment. Just in case Windows users need smaller icons (which I am
no sure it is the case), I have left "icon_kicad_64.png" and

Also, It would be great if the Ubuntu package guy which I might
remember being Adam could please make sure that the new icons ".ico"
are used in place of the old ones.

I of course remain available for the implementation of any suggestion
on this matter.

Have a great day


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Attachment: kicad_icon_problem.png
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