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Re: KiCad Developers


On 12/11/2012 12:42 PM, kajdas wrote:
> I may not understand the issue correctly but in my case, many times I use only PCB layout and import only netlist from Orcad.
> How would I assign footprints to parts without CvPcb?
> Martin

>>Well since I suggested it, I still like the idea of a separate DLL/DSO tool that does:

>>a) footprint editor and viewing.
>>b) library management, moving footprints from one lib to another.
>>c) footprint selection
>>d) library table editing

I am no philosophically opposed to adding:

e) CVPCB functionality.

To this DLL/DSO.   

But the idea the enhances usability for me is being able to identify full footprints when I am doing the schematic.  After putting down 30 parts, I can't even remember what the first part was, and I've lost the datasheet  ;)

Exaggeration, but not by much.

KiCad has a chasm in the design cycle now.