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GEDA PCB footprint file import.


Just in time for the new year I committed the new GEDA PCB plug in for Pcbnew. It currently only loads footprint libraries (which like the new Pcbnew file format is a path of footprint files). I added this new functionality to the module editor import feature. It is not the most efficient design in the world since I cheated by loading the entire library and loading the user selected footprint from the library. It was a cheap and dirty way to test the library loading code. Once the footprint library table code is implemented, the import code will likely go away and importing from external libraries to Pcbnew libraries will become a clipboard copy and paste operation. If any of you have any GEDA PCB footprint files laying around and need to convert them to Pcbnew, please give it a try and let me know if you find any issues. One problem that will occur is if the footprint file has any elliptical arcs. Pcbnew does not support ellipses so they are converted to arcs with a constant radius. Most of the bits are in place now to implement a GEDA PCB board file parser if someone had the ambition and the free time. It's not something I need so I'll leave this to someone does.