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KiCad-Winbuilder changes


Hi Guys,

Today I commit fairly significant changes to KiCad-Winbuilder.

Firstly, the script can still be used as-was in case anyone wants to do
that, but it'll be less supported from here on.

As part of the changes there is a complete dev environment included in a
binary release. This is now the recommended way to use KiCad-Winbuilder
because the dependencies reduce to NIL. Included in the binary release is
KiCad-Winbuilder, MinGW, CMake and Bazaar.

The new methodology for building KiCad is to download the binary release
and unzip somewhere. Then, run the make.bat file (No need to even start a
command line, just double click the make.bat file to run) and KiCad is
built by KiCad-Winbuilder using the included build environment.

If someone wants to build the environment too, the only dependency is to
have cmake 2.8.2 or greater installed. The complete build environment and
KiCad can be built with:

cd kicad-winbuilder\env
cd ..

It's nice to get the dependency level to zero, and now everything runs in a
contained environment so contamination from MSYS installs and other
versions of the compiler, etc. do not interfere with the build.

I had to register a new project on Launchpad though to get this to work as
there is no standalone binary release for Bazaar outside of an installer.

I hope that this is cool with everybody - I think it'll make life much
easier for some people. Although there have been very few bugs reported
regarding KiCad-Winbuilder.

Please feel free to spread the word and encourage people to upgrade.

Best Regards, Brian.

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