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Re: Python scripting cmake build macros.


Where is it included exactly?, after pulling head now it fails on MacOS:

Linking CXX shared module _pcbnew.so
ld: library not found for -lrt

can we add an "if NOT WIN32 AND NOT APPLE" for the -lrt inclusion ? 

Greetings! :-)

Miguel Angel Ajo
skype: ajoajoajo

On 12/01/2013, at 22:52, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 01/12/2013 11:15 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> I've been attempting to resolve my Python scripting build issues on 
>> MinGW32 on Windows and I have a few questions for the folks who wrote 
>> the cmake build code.  Why are we not using cmake's FindPythonInterp() 
>> instead of specifying the python executable on the path?  Specifying the 
>> Python interpreter on the command line at build time seems unnecessary 
>> to me.  CMake's FindPythonInterp supports defining a a specific version 
>> of Python by defining Python_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS.  I'm guessing we would 
>> want to do that because python2 is currently defined as the default 
>> Python interpreter so I'm also assuming that the scripting code 
>> generated does not work with Python3.
>> There is also a link bug on MinGW because rt is defined as one of the 
>> link libraries in SWIG_LINK_LIBRARIES.  Actually, someone attempted to 
>> fix it by adding and conditional statement to only add rt on Linux but 
>> they forgot to take it out of the original list.
> No, the sequence was the other way around.  The rt was added by me recently, and I
> probably broke the windows DLL doing it, while fixing the linux DEBUG DLL.
> So just removing that is evidently not going to be adequate.  Please test the Linux DEBUG
> DSO build with scripting to verify it still works.
> Linux + Debug + DSO
> is the problem case.
> The missing symbol without librt was the profiling helper, clock_gettime() and it was
> getting pulled in because GetRunningMicroSecs() is evidently still in a Debug build, which
> in and of itself is fine.
> That should be allowed.
> Thanks for fixing the Windows build.
> Dick
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