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Re: [PATCH] Append schematic: copy the contents of one schematic file into another


El 19/01/13 17:23, jp charras escribió:
> Le 16/01/2013 12:18, Jacobo Aragunde Pérez a écrit :
>> ...
>> Make me know your opinion about the feature or any comments you have on
>> the patch.
> Thanks.

Thanks for reviewing :)

> After a first trial, I am thinking the user should be warned about some
> issues, due to the fact this import cannot be undone:
> 1 - before adding a schematic inside a non void sheet (the import will
> put new components and wire over the existing components) .

I've checked the approach used in Pcbnew. After an import, the current
document name changes, so it doesn't overwrite the existing one unless
you specifically want to.

I think I will mimic this behaviour for two reasons: coherence inside
the application and protection against what you mention above.

> 2 - because it can change the hierarchy ( if the imported scheet has
> subsheets with filenames already existing in the hierarchy).
>   (see for instance warning messages when modifying the filename of a
> sub-sheet, especially in a complex hierarchy).
> I also noticed the import does not import the subsheets inside the
> imported sheet, if the corresponding schematic files are not in the
> working directory.
> Pay attention to hierarchies in Eeschema,  especially complex
> hierarchies: they can create very tricky problems,
> and an import can create complex hierarchies.
> Also, keep in mind Eeschema is not protected against infinite loops in a
> hierarchy (i.e. inserting in a subsheet iside a given sheet the sheet
> itself, which is easy when importing a schematic.).

I'll review the behaviour regarding subsheets and test it more deeply.

Best regards,
Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia

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