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Re: CMakeLists.txt if() else() endif() suggestions


On 2/14/2013 8:48 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Recently I have spent much time writing cmake scripts, in the preparation of Python
> a-mingw-us.
> I have found CMake's
> to be both tiresome and a detriment to readability and maintenance of the scripts.
> CMake does not require content inbetween endif(  *  ).
> As a personal rule of thumb, what I am currently doing is leaving that text out of the
> endif() and else() statements if the if() block is say less than 30-40 lines. 
> It enhances readability and ease of maintenance.  For exceptionally long blocks, or if
> they are nested, then it may bring some value.
> FYI,
> Dick

Yeah!  Thank you Dick.  I'll be changing it as I make changes to the
CMake files.  I never care much for endif( SOME LONG DUPLICATION ).  If
memory serves, CMake would complain if you did not include the content
in the endif() statement.  Does anyone know version of CMake dropped
that syntax requirement?

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