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Re: [PATCH] Component and module search displays in which library they live


On 3/2/2013 9:52 AM, Carl Poirier wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have made a patch for one of the TODOs in the "Common" part, which
> reads as follows:
>     * Component and module search displays in which library the module
>     or component lives.
>  I just want to mention that it's my first ever contribution to
> open-source software, and so if I did something wrong, please kindly let
> me know and I will fix what needs to. :) I followed the steps in the
> "HOW_TO_CONTRIBUTE.txt" file, thus I provide you with a .patch file.
> BTW, I branched from revision 3962.
> Ok, on to the actual code.
> The most important change is that I transformed the member m_listBox of
> EDA_LIST_DIALOG_BASE in a wxListCtrl. This allows us to have more than
> one column in there, so that we can display the component names and
> their libraries. The EDA_LIST_DIALOG_BASE class has been edited through
> wxFormsBuilder, which is what I believe had been done before, so the
> .cpp and .h have been generated accordingly.
> The EDA_LIST_DIALOG_BASE class is used throughout kicad, therefore I
> made it so that we can still push items in a single column to it.
> However, I changed the type of that item list to a
> std::vector<wxArrayString>& so that it's 2D. Vector elements are
> components, for which every wxString in the array is a distinct column.
> I did the needed few conversions from wxArrayString& to
> std::vector<wxArrayString>& here and there.
> Also, the sorting methods have been changed to work on a vector and a
> wxListCtrl. I also activated the sorting when the user searches for a
> component in eeschema. Finally, I corrected a few typos in comments when
> I happened to see them.
> This is it, so please let me know how it works out!
> Carl Poirier
> P.S. I first send this email earlier this week but I did not join the
> developer team beforehand, so I believe it has been blocked. Sorry if
> this is not the case.


I looked at this patch and I think it has potential to significantly
improve the component/footprint list dialog.  However, the patch fails
to apply against the testing branch version r3983.  The dialog box has
changed since you created your patch.  Please update your source, fix
any conflicts, and resubmit your patch.  However, before you resubmit
you patch, please read the KiCad coding policy which can be found here:


and format your code accordingly.  Thank you for your interest in
improving KiCad.


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