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[PATCH] Implementing X3D model support to 3d-viewer


Hello everyone,

I've been writing some code to implement X3D support to 3d-viewer/pcbnew so
that it would be easier to use other software than just Wings3D to export
3d-models. The basic functionality is implemented and it seems to work
fine. There is still some things to be done, like supporting Transform
rotation property.
I just wanted to post this patch to get some feedback.

The parser is implemented in its own class which fills the required fields
of S3D_MASTER class.
I was thinking that I could also move the current wrl parser into its own

I also made changes to dialog_edit_module_for_Modedit.cpp so that it now
supports loading of *.x3d files.

Please let me know what you think. The source is branched from r4017.
- Tuomas Vaherkoski​

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